GRYPHON | TOUR Samurai - G24

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Feel the pulse of the game with the TOUR G24's Highly Responsive design. Every touch, every dribble, and every pass is amplified by the stick's responsiveness, providing you with an unmatched connection to the ball. Elevate your playmaking abilities and take command of the game with the TOUR G24 in your hands.

Available in | 36.5″ | 37.5″

** This stick complies with the latest FIH Rules for all International and Domestic Tournaments and Games.**  

Power: Ultimate

Feel : Highly Responsive

 Carbon Quotient : 100

205mm | CURVE PEAK: 25mm

SHAPE: Extra Low Curve & Control Groove | HEAD SHAPE: Regular

HEAD SIZE: 118mm Width x 75mm Length

Designed with a replica curve peak and position to the Deuce II, it combines this with a control groove up the shaft of the stick to maximise your drag flicking ability.

A slightly thinner toe on the head of the stick helps create extra flow when executing 3D skills, while not compromising your power.