Gryphon G-Mask Pro (Short Corner)

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The Gryphon G-Mask Pro is a necessity for penalty corner defence the world over, regardless of level. It features a tough plastic guard and protective high density foam to ensure your face is protected against impact from the ball or stick. The Gryphon G-Mask Pro allows for even better vision without compromising protection. The extended eye pockets make vision at your feet much easier, extending your line of sight and peripheral vision. It has adjustable elastic head straps for a perfect fit, and is lightweight for optimal use. Protect yourself and your corner unit properly, with the G-Mask Pro.


  • Five adjustable straps for excellent fit.
  • Transparent design to assist with peripheral vision, for greater ball and player awareness.
  • Hard plastic shell.
  • Medium density foam liners for added comfort and protection.
SIZE: One Size Fits All 

Disclaimer :: This product is designed to reduce the severity and frequency of injuries attained during the ‘short corner’ phase of a field hockey game. However, no equipment can prevent all possible injuries, and severe head, brain or spinal injuries including paralysis or death may occur, despite using this product.