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Unleash the perfect fusion of power and control with the GRYPHON Taboo Bluesteel G24, a hockey stick that sets new standards for on-field dominance. Through our unique manufacturing techniques, we proudly present the BlueSteel G24, an embodiment of the remarkable synergy between unparalleled power and exquisite feel. This groundbreaking combination grants you an exceptional level of control over the ball, allowing for precise execution at critical moments. Elevate your game to new heights with the meticulously designed lay-up that ensures an extraordinary weight-to-balance ratio, enhancing your overall performance on the field.

Available in | 36.5″ | 37.5″

power: Extreme 

 Feel: Responsive

Carbon : 95

** This stick complies with the latest FIH Rules for all International and Domestic Tournaments and Games. **

The Classic curve shape is an even profile mid bow stick. A 23mm curve peaks 300mm up the stick to provide a balanced assistance to all skills in the game. 

It best suits a simple, no fuss playing style.

Head Shape: Oversized-Maxi
Curve: 23mm
Curve Position: 300mm
Head Thickness: 23.7mm
Shaft Depth At Narrowest Point: 20mm
Shaft Width at Widest Point: 49mm
Handle Width Without Grip: 27mm
Handle Width With Grip: 30.5mm