Voodoo Blue Crisp '15

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The word "crisp" pretty much sums it up again this year. A best-selling field hockey stick last year and again the Voodoo guys have out done themselves on the Voodoo Blue Crisp Field Hockey Stick.  Crisp passing, crisp stopping, crisp hitting, crisp everything.  Expect it all from this year's Voodoo Blue Crisp. Boasting all of Voodoo's latest field hockey technology, the Blue Crisp field hockey stick offers superior balance and control to any rising star.  If you are looking for a stick that has all of the latest Voodoo technology, but still gives you fantastic control and power, then the Voodoo Blue Crisp is a fantastic choice for you!


24.5mm FIH/USA Approved Shape

Regular Midi Head


Soft Touch :: Custom-sleeve of twaron aramide - this is what gives Voodoo Field Hockey sticks incredible feel and control.
Supa Light ::  Twin channel construction, custom lay-ups and ideal balance points gives Voodoo an extra light feel without comprising power.

Intelligent Resin :: Voodoo field hockey's exclusive innovation for the "real feeling"! The resin used on the outer membrane gives the stick a unique feel of softness.

Hyper Carbon :: Another Voodoo innovation - super powerful hyper-carbon and tons of it!

Double Kevlar :: A double layer of twaron aramide added to the head of the stick which significantly reduces wear from various field hockey surfaces.

Power: 10+

Feel Rating: 10+

Sizes: 36.5" & 37.5"