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Gryphon Tour T-Bone

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There is a reason this is the flagship range for Gryphon Hockey. The 2015 Tour range sticks are constructed only from ultra-premium materials which includes the exclusive Silicon Sleeve technology to give you more feel without losing out on the world famous extreme hitting power. This is our stiffest stick to date, incorporating the most powerful lay-up. The true secret behind the unbeatable power is due to over 30 years of blood, sweat and tears in research and development in core materials and design. This range can’t be beaten.

Available in | 36.5″ | 37.5″


* This stick complies with the latest FIH Rules for all International and Domestic Tournaments and Games.

Head Shape: Extended Maxi
Curve: 23.8mm
Curve Position: 225mm
Head Thickness: 23mm
Shaft Depth At Narrowest Point: 20mm
Shaft Width at Widest Point: 50mm
Handle Width Without Grip: 25mm
Handle Width With Grip: 28.5mm