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*Gryphon Junior Lazar

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Product Description

The Gryphon Lazar is arguably the most popular junior composite stick in the world. Built with trademark Gryphon quality, the Lazar is the perfect balance of power and control for junior players developing their fundamental game skills. The Lazar has been our best selling junior stick for the past decade, and continues to impress players and coaches across the world.

The Lazar is part of Gryphon's Essentials Range... a range that delivers an ideal power-to-weight ratio and high construction design for younger players. This ensures rapid skill development due to a lighter head and large sweet-spot in the impact zone. Combining great pick-up feel and power, the Lazar will never disappoint!

Available Sizes: | 28″ | 30″ | 32″ | 34″ | 36″ |

Colours Available : Pink & Blue, Blue & Neon Yellow

* This stick complies with the latest FIH Rules for all International and Domestic Tournaments and Games.

Shape: Original Curve

Head Shape: Maxi
Curve: 18mm
Curve Position: 300mm
Head Thickness: 23.7mm
Shaft Depth At Narrowest Point: 20mm
Shaft Width at Widest Point: 49mm
Handle Width Without Grip: 27mm
Handle Width With Grip: 30.5mm