Welcome to the official clothing page for the 2019 Vancouver Golden Oldies Tournament! We are pleased to offer you a fantastic selection of garments,  including various styles and colours.

A Few IMPORTANT Things To Note!

1. Not all garments, and/or colours of each garment, will be available at the tournament itself. Only a limited selection of t's and hoodies will be available. If you see something you like, best to purchase it online, using the sizing-guide that was sent around to you by the tournament organizers. Thanks!

2. All online purchases made by tournament participants, will be collected together, before being batch-printed and batch-shipped. The 2 printing batches will be:

  • Batch 1 - Closing Date: July 19th (will ship during week of August 5th)
  • Batch 2 - Closing Date: August 11th (will ship during week of August 19th)
**No further online orders for SHIPPING will be processed after August 11th at 6pm PST. For pickup-only orders, your final date to order is September 1st at 6pm PST.**

3. Group Shipping Costs: If your team wishes to make a large team order, with custom colours and/or shipping arrangements, please email Steve (Shack Owner) directly at: He will take care of you directly!

4. We have endeavoured to accurately forecast the costs of shipping for all garments. If we are way off in our calculations, we will let you know... we don't want anyone to pay too much for shipping! Alternatively, if we underestimate heavily, we will let you know. It's very difficult to forecast these costs!

5. Should you wish to collect your purchase at the tournament, you will be able to do so, free of charge of course, on September 15th, at the venue!

6. All clothing sales are final and non-refundable. Please ensure you refer to the sizing guides carefully! One can also be emailed to you by emailing Steve above.

Thanks, and HAPPY SHOPPING! :)

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